Miss Marie’s Beach/Summer  Scented wax melts

Miss Marie’s Beach/Summer Scented wax melts

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Discover the delightful aroma of our Soy Wax Melts, meticulously crafted for a clean and long-lasting fragrance experience. Made from 100% natural soy wax, these melts are eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. Simply place a melt in your favorite warmer, and let the soothing scents fill your home with warmth and tranquility. Perfect for creating a cozy ambiance without the flame, our soy wax melts come in a variety of captivating fragrances, ensuring there’s a scent for every mood and season. Enjoy a safe, aromatic indulgence with our handcrafted soy wax melts.

How to Use Your Soy Wax Melts

1. Choose Your Warmer: Select a wax warmer that is suitable for melting wax. Ensure it is clean and ready to use.
2. Break Off a Piece: If your wax melt is in a bar form, break off a piece or two. The amount you use can vary depending on the size of your warmer and your fragrance strength preference.
3. Place in Warmer: Place the wax melt piece(s) in the dish of your warmer. Do not overfill.
4. Turn On the Warmer: If you are using an electric warmer, plug it in and turn it on. If you are using a tealight warmer, place a lit tealight underneath the dish.
5. Enjoy the Aroma: As the wax melts, it will release its fragrance, filling your space with a delightful scent.
6. Turn Off When Done: Once you are finished enjoying the fragrance, turn off your electric warmer or extinguish the tealight. The wax will solidify and can be reused until the scent fades.
7. Clean the Warmer: When you want to change fragrances, allow the wax to cool and harden completely. Remove the solid wax from the dish and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

Enjoy the comforting and inviting atmosphere created by your soy wax melts!