How to Reuse a Candle Jar

How to Reuse a Candle Jar

How many of you have bought a candle, and once you’re finished using it you’re clueless on how to clean the jar? It’s actually pretty easy. There is more than just one way, but the way I do it is listed below.

1.) Boil enough water to fill your container.

2.) Pour boiling water into old candle jar. 

3.) Watch the little oil bubbles accumulate to the top of the water (this step is optional).

4.) Let jar cool and wait until the candle wax hardens on the top surface of the water (this can take a couple hours)

5.) Remove the wax and throw it in the garbage. 

6.) At this moment the candle should be free of wax and all you need to do is wash it with hot soapy water. Sometimes the wax can be stubborn and not all of it will rise to the top. If that is the case with your candle then all you have to do is use a butter knife to loosen the softened wax at the bottom. Make sure to dump out the water before attempting to remove the wax from the bottom of the container or you’ll end up with spilled water. 

If this method is too time consuming for you some people will put their candle jar (at room temperature) into the freezer. A day later they will use a knife to loosen the wax. Whichever method you use just be safe. My candle jars can be recycled or used for drinking cups, so take advantage of their multipurpose use. Take care guys! And message me if you have any further questions. 

 I used this method with a old parafin wax candle.

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